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Service Guide

ETS’s product offerings help to meet your business requirement from the beginning to the end of your supply chain process. Developing a product in the United States, manufacture it in China and sell it in Europe. By focusing on your specific business and logistic needs, ETS tailor value added service to your requirements and budget.


  far east trade


this covers un– ique require–ments and operates at peak performance, read more...  

  north america trade

north america trade

to enjoy complete service on your full container loads or even your small shipments, read more...


this comprehensive foodstuff service make the complexity of international trade easier, read more...

wahrehousing und distribution

competitive ad–vantages to respond more flexible to distri–bution require–ments, read more...


from Kentucky to Mersin, from Chongqing to St. Petersburg, ETS adding value and convenience, reducing time, space and costs, read more....

mission statement

                  ETS Transport & Logistics GmbH, Violenstr. 27, 28195 Bremen, Germany
                Tel. +49-(0) 421-330 260, Fax +49 (0) 421-330 2670, mailto: info@come2ets.com

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