Combined transport (multimodal)

Multimodal transports combine two or more different modes and means of transport. This can, for example, take the form of a combination of land and sea transport by maritime ship, truck and barge. Only a single document is required for the entire transport route. The benefits of combined transports are clearly evident – cost-cutting merging of different transport modes, optimisation of transit times, reduced warehouse costs and full control of freight costs.

Ideal combinations for your transport needs

Road transport has advantages and drawbacks, as do maritime and rail transport, but it is easy to combine the strengths of different transport modes to ensure cost-effective movement of goods. In the primary stretch of a delivery, large volumes are generally transported long-distance by rail or ship. During the local delivery phase, goods are then transported flexibly on regional or local transport routes by truck. To make sure there are no surprises, we also keep transshipment costs from one transport mode to the other as low as possible.

Overview of the advantages of multimodal transports

  • 44-tonne provision
    The admissible total weight on trucks in pre-carriage and post-carriage to the next terminal for multimodal transport is 44 tonnes – 4 tonnes more than usual.
  • Improved deadline compliance
    Congestion and accidents are a daily occurrence on the roads but are very unusual at sea or in the air. If trucks only handle part of the route, then this improves the punctuality of the overall transport.
  • High transport safety on the railways
    Rail transport is ideal not only for hazardous goods but also for other types of freight where safety is of the essence. Track-based routes and centralised control systems ensure that rail transport is safe transport.
  • Binding transit times
    We combine the different transit times of the selected transport modes to form a well-structured overall plan, allowing you to coordinate and plan your business activities more effectively.