EDI converter and eBusiness tools

In the 21st century, the reliable electronic flow of information in logistics is just as important as the physical transport of goods from A to B. For this purpose, logistics uses EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), a standard which has been in place for decades and is recognised worldwide. EDI ensures fully automatic communication between carriers, transport modes, transshipment and warehousing operations, the authorities and our customers. Such things as orders, delivery data or picking orders are logged in our IT systems as matching orders almost instantly and very reliably. Unlike with an e-mail or fax, manual recording of the transmitted data is no longer necessary, nor the correction of errors made during this process. At the same time, the EDI interface also enables customers to track their shipments on the Internet. 

ETS tools for an optimised transport chain

Our electronic logging and document management systems are the centrepiece of the ETS Supply Chain Tool. They are online-based and supply the daily updated status of all entries, permit data exchange with maritime shipping companies and provide interfaces to all relevant external systems. Data transfer from your ERP system means that you benefit from fully automatic deadline monitoring for the delivery in question and the specified shipping dates. Your data can also be converted into Microsoft Excel – also in CSV format – without any problem. You receive the full shipping documents in electronic format. And thanks to our eLoad tool for optimised loading of containers and pallets, you save up to 15% on freight costs due to improved capacity utilisation. Our modern and network-based IT concept makes for greater convenience and transparency with lower costs.

ETS services for your eBusiness