Logistics consulting

People generally don’t notice when the logistics are a success – and that’s exactly when logistics has done a really good job. But a smoothly functioning supply and value added chain needs wide-ranging preparations and functional concepts. We help you to find the right concepts for your company. The logistics consultants at ETS support you in the planning and optimisation of your company’s logistics and processes. We work with you to develop optimised and cost-efficient logistics systems based on your specifications. We are at your side the whole way – from the initial idea through to implementation of the identified solution.

Defined contact person for your logistics project

Logistics consulting at ETS also means having a defined point of contact for all your questions. As a medium-sized company with decades of operational logistics experience in the market, we have the necessary employees with the requisite skills. They are the central actors in the advice we provide on procurement logistics, production logistics, warehouse logistics and distribution logistics. Our consultants use the cost efficiency, flexibility, feasibility and acceptability of the solutions in your company as their benchmark.

Overview of the logistics consulting services of ETS

  • Strategic supply chain planning
    Holistic planning and optimisation from A to Z: we improve all parts of the value added chain, optimise your inbound logistics and develop a joint strategy for your entrepreneurial future.
  • Lower transport costs
    Reduce your transport expenses by taking advantage of our painstaking planning process, our competition-focused tenders and our optimised contract awarding system. We’ll also tell you whether or not it’s worth inviting new bids for your transport operations.
  • Optimised warehouse and dispatch routines
    We improve and streamline typical warehouse routines like order processing, invoicing, goods receipt, order picking and packing. We find the provider who’s the best fit for your shipping needs.
  • The right logistics technology
    Modern transport and logistics services require the corresponding technologies. We can find the matching automation strategy for your intralogistics and the right software for your management activities – because we are familiar with the solutions from our own experience. [more]

Find out about our expertise for yourself and contact us for a non-committal initial consultation. We will help you to master your logistical challenges with flying colours!