Services for CEP providers (courier-express-parcel)

ETS always chooses the best solution to suit your needs. We identify the best-possible CEP service based on the desired transit time and the value of the shipment. We cooperate only with the leading suppliers in all three segments. The best way to transport your high-value consignments is to use a courier service, ensuring that your shipment is personally accompanied by a courier from the beginning right through to the end of the transport chain. This also means that your consignment is delivered to the recipient at a pre-agreed point in time – so that when you hand over your consignment to us, you know exactly when it will reach its final destination.

Fast express services and standardised parcel services

Shipments weighing up to 31.5 kg are best handled by a CEP provider. This weight limit ensures that the customer can collect or deliver the parcel on his or her own. Express services are for high-value consignments with short transit times and requiring maximum delivery reliability. The consignments are delivered at fixed times such as 8, 9 or 10 am so that they are available for the recipient’s operations on that particular day. Highly standardised parcel services combine high cost efficiency with predictable delivery times. The transport process is simpler and costs less thanks to automated parcel processing and defined consignment sizes. No matter how valuable your shipment is or how fast you want it to reach its destination – we can always find the matching CEP solution to meet your needs!

Overview of ETS benefits for courier-express-parcel services

  • CEP value added services
    Based on your specific requirements, we store, pick, pack and dispatch your CEP consignments, take care of customs clearance and process your goods in line with your specifications. [more]
  • eCommerce support
    Our specialised services for online trading enable you to completely outsource your logistics. You can concentrate on your customers and products – and we take care of everything else. [more]
  • Interim storage and warehousing
    Both of the above can be arranged without any problem in ETS’ own warehouse near Hamburg. You can depend on our personnel to safeguard your valuable freight. [more]
  • Services for all your CEP needs
    We find the best tariff at DHL, Hermes, UPS, DPD & co. – worldwide and including Internet-based shipment tracking. Let us make sure you get the best price for the last mile en route to your end customer.
  • Global perspective
    Drawing on our global expertise and our international partner network, we advise you on choice of the best service provider for your urgent international shipments. You can reach almost all European cities overnight via a direct air freight service.  
  • Quality service is what sets us apart from the rest
    Find out for yourself just how pleasant and convenient it is to take advantage of expert order handling services from a single source even when multiple service providers are involved in the process. You can coordinate prices and shipment options with us before you even place the order.