Value added service & goods processing in the warehouse

ETS brings your goods safely and reliably from anywhere in the world to Germany and Europe by land, air and sea routes. At our own warehouse in Neu-Wulmstorf near Hamburg, we are also on hand to provide you with value added service and process your goods. Front-to-end inbound and outbound checks, labelling, dispatch and returns management are supplemented by single-item pallet-based order picking and packing of goods of all kinds. High-value goods and food are our speciality.

Our value added services for your goods

ETS Transport & Logistics offers goods processing services for a wide range of different products. We make vehicles fit for the German and European consumer. We equip machines of all kinds with consumables, charge batteries, mount modules and perform sawing, milling and lasering operations to your specifications. We compile finished products to form item sets (kitting), add gift packaging and inserts or re-pack everything anew. And once the goods are ready, we take care of cost-effective onward transport to your B2B or B2C end customer. It’s what we do!

Overview of value added & goods processing services

  • Overarching value added service
    We offer comprehensive quality assurance and monitoring, EBD tracking, stevedoring, inspection, customs clearance, tracking & tracing, processing arrangements and much, much more.
  • Machines and vehicles
    We extend or convert your vehicles, apply underbody protection or cavity seals, wash your vehicles and offer complete door-to-door vehicle transport. And we treat your non-driving machines with just the same care and attention.
  • Food and temperature-controlled goods
    In our warehouse, we ensure strict compliance with all the transit time and hygiene specifications for your food products. We deliver your food products to their destination fresh, reliably and on time. [more]
  • Finished products
    In the case of ready-packed products, we perform kitting, labelling and relabelling; we add gift packaging and greeting cards, and we handle customisation, display construction, display equipping and more – ETS makes sure that your product makes the best of impressions with the customer.
  • Production-related services
    Whether container management, tempering, conservation, machine assembly, material cleaning, module assembly or the priming of individual machines or entire installations – we make your goods fit for the production line.