Warehouse and management

At ETS Transport & Logistics, we operate our warehouses using intelligent warehouse management systems that enable us to cater to the preferences of our customers at all times. To this end, we use state-of-the-art picking technologies, partial automation and transport systems for efficient routines and high process reliability. By combining transshipment and storage processes in our own warehouse, we are able to provide our customers with optimised and cost-efficient handling services. Handling food logistics in all temperature ranges as well as refrigerated goods in reefer containers are our speciality.

The perfect warehouse concept for your product

Whether short-term interim storage of long-term cooperation in a field like eCommerce – we can offer you a tailored warehousing concept from a single source. As a central element in the supply chain, this also includes scheduling and distribution of your goods. Our solutions are geared towards your requirements in terms of inward storage and removal from storage, order picking, and the further processing and packing of your products. We optimise your logistics processes so that you can concentrate on your core business activities.

Overview of our services in the warehouse

  • Pallet store and high-bay store
    A pallet store is ideal for the storage of large quantities of heavy goods of different kinds. In combination with a space-saving high-bay store, this ensures optimum space utilisation.
  • Interim storage and cross-docking
    We are also at your service for short-term interim storage needs. In cross docking, the goods are already pre-picked when delivered, which means there is no need for entry into storage – which in turn means major savings.
  • Entry-into-storage, order picking and removal-from-storage stations
    We operate modern automation solutions for the various stations that goods pass through in the warehouse. As a result, operations like unpacking and packing can be speeded up considerably.
  • Digital stock management and warehouse technologies
    Our stock management system guarantees front-to-end digital documentation of all stock movements. As a result, we know at all times where goods are stored, what quantity of goods are stored, and what condition they are in. [more]
  • Software interfaces for CEP services
    Whether DHL, Hermes, UPS, DPD & co …. We have the matching ERP interface for your shipper. Different shipping companies have different tariffs, and we choose the tariff that is best-suited to your needs. [more]