Air freight export

The ETS air freight team organises consolidation and direct services for you as well as export clearance at any European airport and, on request, parcel shipment by courier. Find out for yourself about our expertise in the following areas:

  • Customs clearance
    We are an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) at the highest level (C and S) with German customs and can therefore send your goods on their way by air quickly and simply. [more]
  • Status of Regulated Agent Approved by the Federal Aviation Office
    Our status as a Regulated Agent Approved by the Federal Aviation Office enables ETS as an air freight company to greatly simplify freight handling at the airport – saving our customers time and money. [more]
  • All the way to the factory of the recipient
    Maintain total control of your export transactions. On request, we can also arrange for rapid and reliable delivery of your shipment right to the factory premises of the recipient.
  • Cross trades
    Your supplier is in China, your customer in the USA?
    Then you can profit from our global partner network and our longstanding experience in the organisation of international transports.
  • Ship spare parts logistics
    We ensure delivery without delay of urgently needed spare parts for your merchant vessels – virtually anywhere in the world.

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