Air freight imports

Our air freight concepts for imports are designed to bring your goods safely from any location worldwide to Germany and Europe. We handle all the details at the starting and destination airports, take care of customs clearance, and organise transport to the customer in Germany and throughout Europe.

Our core fields of expertise in the area of air freight import are:

  • Customs clearance
    Let us handle cooperation with the customs authorities in the country of origin of your shipment as well as in Germany. We take care of customs clearance for your imports at any airport in Europe [more]
  • Special promotion products and discounter logistics
    Once your import goods have cleared customs, we handle all the downstream processes: we take care of all your logistics needs, including warehouse logistics, packing, order picking, new or repacking and transport to the customer. [more]
  • Seamless handover to courier, express and parcel services (CEP)
    For the last mile to the customer, we find a service provider who is a perfect match for your requirements and your budget. For this purpose, we operate interfaces to all the well-known providers like DHL, UPS, DPD & co. [more]
  • From the factory yard of your supplier
    Drawing on our worldwide network of partners, we can – on request – arrange for your shipment to be picked up directly from the supplier reliably and without delay.

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