China Rail Service & land freight imports

Our China Rail Service for imports comprises a range of products. We handle administrative and logistical tasks for you. The most important services in this area are:

  • Special promotion products and discounter distribution logistics
    We handle the complete logistics for your special promotion products, from customs clearance, container unloading and packaging to order picking, new or repacking and transport to the customer. [more]
  • Customs clearance
    Successful cooperation with border and inland customs offices is one of our core fields of expertise. We are at your side as a dependable partner for customs clearance from start to finish. [more]
  • Combined / Multimodal transports
    Use a multimodal strategy to combine your China Rail Service imports cost-efficiently with other modes of transport, such as road, rail and barges. We make your China Rail Service imports faster and optimise the costs. [more]

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