First in / First out

In the FIFO storage system (first in, first out, also FCFS = first come, first serve), the goods that have been in storage the longest are the first to be issued when a delivery request comes in. This is particularly advantageous for food and other perishable goods, as it minimises wastage.

  • Fulfillment / Door-to-Door-Service
    We are happy to handle the entire dispatch process for your goods and shipments. We collect your goods and products worldwide from your supplier, bring them safely to Germany, and then ready them for delivery to the end customer. [more]
  • Discounter distribution logistics (special promotion products)
    Our customers include well-known German food discounters for whom we handle special promotion logistics all year round. When it comes to time-critical special promotion products, it is particularly important that there is no accumulation of old stock – and this is something we guarantee. [more]
  • CEP services
    ETS Transport & Logistics cooperates with all well-known CEP providers throughout Europe. We prepare your consignments for the service providers and put together cost-optimised consolidated shipments for this purpose. With ETS, your goods reliably reach the sales outlet and the end customer. [more]

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