ETS Transport & Logistics GmbH is part of Scan Global Logistics

ETS Transport & Logistics GmbH is now a part of Scan Global Logistics

ETS is now a part of Scan Global Logistics


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In our logistics blog, we inform you about current industry developments and news about ETS.

Shipping crisis worsens: container shipping companies with too low margins

The shipping industry is facing dark times: rising costs and falling margins are putting shipping companies under pressure.

Conflict in the Middle East jeopardizes supply chains

The current conflict in Gaza and Israel in the fall and winter of 2023 will lead to serious disruptions in logistics.

ETS Transport & Logistics GmbH becomes ETS & Scan Global Logistics GmbH

Toll increases on German roads as of December 2023

Temporary fumigation requirement for goods to Australia and New Zealand active again as of September

The Australian and New Zealand Departments of Agriculture have imposed import restrictions on goods from certain countries effective 9/1/2013.

Not enough water in the Panama Canal: Shipping companies impose surcharges

There is currently too little water in the Panama Canal, so the first shipping companies have started to impose surcharges.

ETS Transport & Logistics (ETS) and Scan Global Logistics (SGL) to merge after completion of merger control proceedings in Germany

Heavy transports wait too long for permits

Export to third countries: Our current customs tip

Third countries are countries outside the EU where different customs and tax regulations apply. Find out here what you need to consider.

Specify container goods values over US$200,000 when booking

Containers with goods values exceeding $200,000 must be insured separately - otherwise there is a risk of penalties in the event of damage.

Import Control System Phase 2 (ICS2) to start on March 1

Transatlantic freight rates soften

Chinese foreign trade slumps unexpectedly sharply

Chinese foreign trade fell unexpectedly sharply in November, according to customs authorities there last week Wednesday in Beijing.

Less shipping congestion and falling freight rates conditionally beneficial for German economy

In October 2022, Germany's exports fell by 0.2 percent and imports by 0.9 percent compared to the previous month,...

Oversupply in air freight already foreseeable for 2023

FIATA's call for the restoration of a balanced and fair maritime market environment.

Renewed strike in the North Sea ports as of Thursday

According to concurring media reports, there will again be strikes in the German North Sea ports from Thursday, July 14.

China Rail News: Rail traffic between China and Europe reaches capacity limits

The rail route from China to Europe is currently extremely heavily used. Demand already exceeds available capacity

Specialized customs services from A to Z

Strike at German seaports as of today

ETS visits the SOS Children's Village in Bremen

As ETS, we have maintained a close relationship with the employees at the SOS Children's Village in Bremen's Neustadt since November 2016 and...

Lockdown in Shanghai: Global supply chains expect new disruptions

According to media reports, Shanghai is entering a new Corona-related lockdown as of today.

War events in Ukraine - logistics reacts

Ukraine war brings ad hoc surcharges to transport costs

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